So much to see at Bletchley Park

Wartime living room and kitchen with mannequin wearing Girl Guide uniform in Bletchley Park Museum. Photograph by Rachael Marshall.

When I get chatting about Bletchley Park with people that haven't visited yet they often don't know that it's open to the public, and has been for some years. All sorts of fascinating collections are there, including World War Two era rooms like the one above, Jack and Rita Darrah's amazing Churchill Collection, the Post Office, which issues first day and commemorative covers, the Museum of Cinema Technology and of course the recently opened Turing Exhibition

The full list of attractions at Bletchley Park is here. Which is your favourite?

Most of my time is spent in the non-public buildings but next time I'll be going to see the Turing Exhibition. The Life and Works of Alan Turing is on the shortlist for the Art Fund Prize 2012 and needs your vote!

Caroline at work in Block D

Caroline listening to Block D. Photograph by Rachael Marshall. 

A rather vocal pigeon was skittering along some trunking near the ceiling, its calls echoing around the room and occasionally being answered by another bird. 

Tuesday at Bletchley Park was blessed with bright sunshine and lots of visitors. Have you visited yet? Did you know that the Alan Turing exhibition is on the shortlist for an Art Fund Award? Cast your vote and see the other nominations here: Art Fund Prize.